Find My Bridge October Update!

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3 min readNov 3, 2022

October has been a hectic month for the Find My Bridge team, having completed the objectives for the month in a timely manner the team is now ready and focused on new goals in order to make Find My Bridge the go-to solution for users looking to bridge assets across blockchains.

If you are not part of the Telegram Updates Channel there are some updates that might be of interest, here is a brief recap from the past month if you missed it:

GROWING DATA: Our number of blockchains, bridges and protocols catalogue is up 30% to +100 chains, +55 bridges and over 1K routes. Many more are being added right now and should be available soon 😎

BRIDGES INFORMATION: Our most important app update in October! Users’ search results now display detailed information on bridge data such as “Bridge Fee”, inclusion or not of “Gas Fee” and the expected “Transaction Times”. This enhancement allows users to make informed decisions when choosing a bridge protocol.

EASY FILTERING: We have added to our UI a new toggle for easy filtering of results thus making the process of comparing bridges easier for our users and enhancing the UX.

GO TO MARKET: Our first marketing campaign, “The launch of Find My bridge Beta and “Build da Bridge” journey”, started in collaboration with Magic.Store and will be live until Dec 1st 23.59 when 10 lucky participants will share a $500 reward. Find out more about these events on our Medium Announcement.

SOCIAL MEDIA: As promised, the Find My Bridge Telegram public chat is now live! If you are not part of the community yet we invite you to join using the link and share with us your experience using the app, any suggestions for enhancements and any feedback to help improve the app.

Users providing feedback and helping grow our app are rewarded, more information is available on our documents.

What’s next?

❕Continue populating our catalogue of blockchain, bridges and routes

❕Our swap/bridge feature is officially in its first phase of development and test

❕New partnerships agreements underway

New competitions and challenges are getting together

As usual, we will keep posting news, updates and educational content about blockchain bridges on our Twitter and Telegram channel.


Find My Bridge is a free-to-use bridge finder for beginner and advanced blockchain users, the service is designed to help users find the protocols and routes to connect different blockchains, in order to facilitate cross-chain transactions and swaps. Find My Bridge is constantly updated with the latest bridge information and routes, in order to provide users with the most up-to-date and comprehensive information about available protocols to make informed decisions.

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Find My Bridge is a community-focused project, our aim is to become the “Skyscanner” of blockchain bridges and to do so we want the community to be part of this great journey. Read more information about it here.

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Find My Bridge

Find My Bridge is a blockchain bridge finder; an app made to save users time looking for protocols to transfer tokens between blockchain networks.