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2 min readDec 19, 2022


We are pleased to announce our partnership with Rango Exchange.

We are thrilled to have such a partner as a critical component to delivering crypto swaps and bridging for our users, and a key component to the Find My Bridge mission to bring crypto to the masses.

This partnership is the first piece of a big puzzle being developed to ease the use of our bridge finder by enabling direct access to a crosschain dex, eliminating the annoying task of using different UI/UX.

To celebrate our collaboration we’re launching a partnership event on the Magic Square platform 🔥

🏆 5 lucky winners will get $100 $BUSD each

The rules are simple 🏁

1. Follow @findmybridge and @RangoExchange on

2. Complete a swap of at least $100 on

3. Submit the swap details on the Google form

The winners will be announced on 20/01/23

About Rango Exchange

Rango is the first cross-chain DEX aggregator built for the dynamic crypto industry. It supports different blockchains including EVM-based, Cosmos-based, Solana, and UTXO, and will also encompass Near, ADA, Evmos, and any other remaining blockchains in the future. Its mission is to become the most-resorted platform for DEX and bridges all around crypto where users will easily swap any asset in any blockchain for any other assets and finds the fastest, cheapest, and most secure route for the user.

Rango integrates all DEXs, bridges, and DEX aggregators around the DeFi world to aggregate all their liquidity to create mega liquidity. It performs complex and multi-step swaps to provide the ultimate user experience through its easy-to-use interface.


Find My Bridge is a free-to-use bridge finder and comparison tool for beginner and advanced blockchain users, the service is designed to help users find the protocols and routes to connect different blockchains, in order to facilitate cross-chain transactions and swaps. Find My Bridge is constantly updated with the latest bridge information and routes, in order to provide users with the most up-to-date and comprehensive information about available protocols to make informed decisions.

Support the growth of Find My Bridge and get rewarded

Find My Bridge is a community-focused project, our aim is to become the “Skyscanner” of blockchain bridges, and to do so, we want the community to be part of this great journey. Read more information about it here.

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Find My Bridge

Find My Bridge is a blockchain bridge finder; an app made to save users time looking for protocols to transfer tokens between blockchain networks.