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4 min readSep 12, 2023


The Find My Bridge team is thrilled to announce to our community that our Telegram bot has just received significant enhancements in functionality and features, with several more in development.

What can this bot do?

Just like our app, Find My Bridge Search Bot allows users to find the optimal protocols and routes to transfer digital assets across blockchain networks. Users simply have to indicate the origin blockchain of the assets and the network they wish to transfer to, and our bot will provide a list of available protocols and routes.

You can also find:

✅ #FMB trending searches

Users can now see in realtime which are the trending searches in the Find My Bridge search engine, giving users and edge by identifying in advance which destination chains are users looking into.

There are many reasons why users are looking to move funs crosschain, but just to name a few these could be new yield opportunities, new protocols launching, airdrop farming, NFT sales and projects launching, etc.

✅ Bridge aggregators

Bridge aggregators play a key role in blockchain interoperability, these protocols allow users to perform crosschain transfers and swaps reducing significantly the time of executions compared to manual operations.

✅ Gas refuel stations

Refuel stations are getting a lot of attention lately, these protocols solve a common problem in the crypto industry which is the lack of funds to pay for fees on chains that users have never interacted with.

For example: Julia has participated in a campaign and received a reward to claim an NFT on X chain which she never interacted with and uses a complete different token for fees. Julia now would have to go to a centralized exchange (CEX), buy the token and do a withdrawal to the chain. GAS REFUEL STATIONS solve this problem saving great amounts of time and preventing the use of a centralized exchange.

More features are coming…

What does this mean for you?

This means you now have the ability to search for blockchain bridges right from Telegram, no more asking in groups or chats. With our bot, you can do all this without having to leave the Telegram app.

Participate in this campaign and set yourself as an early participant of Find My Bridge future products.

Why Find My Bridge?

By using Find My Bridge app you are guaranteed to save on bridge fees by looking at bridge alternatives instead of sticking to the most common protocols available. The blockchain space is growing incredibly fast and the solutions available to transfer tokens crosschain keeps increasing too.

Join our GALXE campaign and claim your OAT

To celebrate the upgrade of our Telegram Bot we decided to launch a campaign on Galxe and an OAT mintable for all our Telegram Bot users.

This campaign is the first of many planned campaigns to get the word out about Find My Bridge as we approach slowly to the next bull cycle and most importantly to help crypto enthusiasts and OGs discover a tool that significantly reduces the time looking for bridges and SAVE ON FEES!

How to participate?

Launch our Telegram Bot, click on “GALXE OAT” and follow the chat instructions.

Very simple. That’s it! 😉

Project updates coming soon!

The team is working hard to provide a better user experience with Find My Bridge, in addition, the team is also expanding the app reach looking towards getting more features with a final goal of converting the app into a freemium service.


Find My Bridge is a blockchain bridge search engine that help users find and compare blockchain bridges. It help users find the protocols and routes to connect different blockchains, in order to facilitate cross-chain transactions and swaps.

Find My Bridge is constantly updated with the latest bridge information and routes, in order to provide users with the most up-to-date and comprehensive information about available protocols to make informed decisions.

Find My Bridge is a community-focused project, our aim is to become the “Skyscanner” of blockchain bridges and to do so we want the community to be part of this great journey.

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Find My Bridge

Find My Bridge is a blockchain bridge finder; an app made to save users time looking for protocols to transfer tokens between blockchain networks.