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5 min readApr 26, 2023

Find My Bridge April Update

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The last few months have been very interesting for the blockchain landscape, we have seen a price increase in BTC since January and we are at the verge of a new bull market, only capped by global economic data, banks are failing, inflation is still high in some jurisdictions and the battle for “global reserve currency” is heating up the markets.


Arbitrum launched its $ARB token distributing millions of dollars to users that actively participated in their ecosystem, an important task to receive the airdrop was to “bridge” tokens to the Arbitrum chain. As an airdrop hunter it is important that you are aware of which protocols are live and working with live chains and upcoming chains.

If you are interested in airdrop hunted, these are some of the chains that have potential to do an airdrop to users:

  • zkSync
  • Shardeum
  • SUI
  • LayerZero (not a chain but highly possible)
  • Linea
  • Base
  • Starknet
  • Scroll

And many more…

If you are not part of the Telegram Updates Channel there are some updates that might be of interest, here is a brief recap from the past month if you missed it:

GROWING DATA: Our number of blockchains, bridges and protocols catalogue is up 75% to 175 chains, 27% to 70 bridges and a massive boost on our routes with 3632 routes, an increase of 263%. Many more are being added right now and should be available soon 😎

Here is a list of some of the new chains and bridges added to our platform


  • Interlay
  • Ripple
  • Stellar
  • Tezos
  • TON
  • Darwinia Smart Chain
  • Casper


  • Interlay
  • Beamer Bridge
  • Helix Bridge
  • DotOracle
  • Plenty
  • Layerswap
  • Octus

Find My Bridge listings: Our app is now listed in two new application directories including Product hunt and The Dapp List. Here is how you can help Find My Bridge to scale on visibility.


Product Hunt is an online platform that enables entrepreneurs, makers, and startup companies to showcase their products and services to a community of early adopters, investors, and potential customers. Users can upvote and comment on products, and the most popular products rise to the top of the site’s daily leaderboard.

Here’s what you can do to help:

1. Visit our Product Hunt page and give us an upvote.

2. Leave a comment letting us know what you think of our product.

3. Share our Product Hunt launch on your social media channels and encourage your friends to check us out.

We’re excited to hear your feedback and grateful for your support.


The Dapp List is a website and community-driven platform that serves as a directory for decentralized applications, also known as DApps. The Dapp List provides users with an extensive list of DApps across different categories, including gaming, finance, social networks, and more. The platform allows users to discover new DApps, rate and review them, and also submit new DApps to be added to the list. The Dapp List aims to promote the use and adoption of DApps by providing a centralized hub for users to explore and interact with these innovative applications.

Here’s what you can do to help us get noticed:

1. Check out our listing on The Dapp List and give us a “vote” to help boost our visibility.

2. Share our Dapp List launch on your social media channels and let your friends know about our exciting new product.

3. If you’re a Dapp List user, try out our product and let us know what you think!

We’re looking forward to your feedback and appreciate your support as we continue to grow and innovate.

Upcoming Features: We are working tirelessly to provide our app user with unique and relevant information about the current state of blockchain bridges and to do so we are implementing metrics on our finder page.

  1. Top searched chains. As you probably noticed from our social channels, we are now tracking searches on our engine. In the short term users will be able to visualize the top searched chains on our finder page, this is a very useful metric to understand which chains are gaining interest on our platform giving our users a clear understanding of where the crypto community is heading to.
  2. Bridges by volume: an interesting metric to understand which are the most used bridges by volume, although this metric is useful for users to get some confidence in the protocol they might choose to use, it is IMPORTANT to know that bridges with high volume does not mean they are the FASTEST or CHEAPEST, so having the possibility to compare these two factors against their competitors, users have an advantage to make an informed decision.
  3. Chains by bridged volume. This is a key metric, users will be able to see which blockchains are getting the most volume bridge to their ecosystem resulting in potential adoption and therefore a potential price increase on the underlying token. This is a great metric for DeFi users and airdrop hunters.
  4. Swap and bridge built-in on Find My Bridge in partnership with Rango Exchange will have an upgrade coming in the next few weeks, this important upgrade will allow our app users to swap and bridge tokens to even more blockchains and also to non-EVM chains.
  5. Another upgrade the team is looking forward to implement are the opening of our API for third-party developers with access to the collected user data, enabling them to create new and innovative products and services that leverage the data generated by the app’s users.This unique offering has the potential to disrupt the market and drive growth for the company.

As usual, we will keep posting news, updates and educational content about blockchain bridges on our Twitter and Telegram channel.


Find My Bridge is a blockchain bridge search engine that help users find and compare blockchain bridges. It help users find the protocols and routes to connect different blockchains, in order to facilitate cross-chain transactions and swaps.

Find My Bridge is constantly updated with the latest bridge information and routes, in order to provide users with the most up-to-date and comprehensive information about available protocols to make informed decisions.

Support the growth of Find My Bridge and get rewarded

Find My Bridge is a community-focused project, our aim is to become the “Skyscanner” of blockchain bridges and to do so we want the community to be part of this great journey. Read more information about it here.

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