Introducing Find My Bridge!

Find My Bridge
2 min readSep 8, 2022

Find My Bridge is the world’s first blockchain bridge finder and aggregator, a tool to simplify the process of choosing the most convenient protocol to bridge assets across networks.

Why Find My Bridge?

Well, the current blockchain landscape is growing incredibly fast and so are the protocols that serve as bridges between all of them. Keeping up with novel solutions is extremely difficult as these are often left behind or invisible by larger and renowned projects.

Time efficiency and convenience

Looking for a blockchain bridge may seem an easy task when a user is experienced and used to major blockchains, but, what happens with novel blockchains? What about upcoming blockchains? Are they choosing the right protocol?

When a user wants to bridge assets, it is often an automated task, they go to X protocol and execute the task, it’s understandable, it’s human nature, we automate tasks without considering other variables because of simplicity, but, did they make an informed decision?

Find My Bridge aims to provide users with enough information to make the right decision, variables such as contracts safety, incentivised bridges, execution times or fees are just some examples of the characteristics that differentiate one bridge from another, so by having this information at hand, users can make the most convenient decision.

An interconnected blockchain ecosystem

Blockchains are arising in all shapes and forms, often with different technologies which makes them incompatible with one another, luckily, bridges are continuously built to connect these ecosystems but they lack visibility and in consequence make the user experience frustrating in some cases. Find My Bridge lists all these bridges in one single place to facilitate the tasks for our users.

So we’re here to help crypto users, easing the task of looking for bridging options in a simple and easy-to-use interface.

Come and join us on this exciting journey! We have prepared incredible new features to support blockchain adoption and help new users with their first steps into Web3.



Find My Bridge

Find My Bridge is a blockchain bridge finder; an app made to save users time looking for protocols to transfer tokens between blockchain networks.